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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Far from being yet another Blu-ray player, CyberLink PowerDVD can be considered an all-in-one media player. Apart from playing back all your Blu-ray discs at the highest quality your PC monitor can provide (enhanced with its new TrueTheater Color and Sound features), it can play any video and audio file, and any set of photos stored on your system. Likewise, it will allow you to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos, and whatever media you stored on your CyberLink Cloud Service account.

When opened, its attractive and elegant interface will show you all the media stored on your computer, neatly organized by categories. You are shown thumbnails of your movies, video files, photos, and audio files, as well as the info about any recently-added media, your favorite playlists, your top-rated files, etc. All your photographs – or the set selected – will be presented to you in a pro-like stunning slideshow, while your videos and Blu-ray movies will be played back in the program’s elegantly-designed player, complete with all the controls you need to move around the video in the quickest and most convenient way. From here you can access all the features, menus, and extras provided by the Blu-ray discs in a simple and efficient way, even in full-screen mode.

As said, you can also use PowerDVD as a YouTube and Vimeo player. It will act as a limited-range browser that will look in any of these sites for whatever video file you are interested in, find it, and play it back for you. You can create your own playlists with all your media files, and connect to your CyberLink Cloud account to retrieve and enjoy whatever films, photos, and music are stored there.

PowerDVD offers you a high level of customization. You can define the appearance and the position of your subtitles, the region code to be used (up to 5 code changes), how to sync with CyberLink Cloud and in which folders the contents will be downloaded, your favorite hotkeys (both keyboard and mouse wheel), etc. This comprehensive player fully supports 3D content, so if your system is equipped with the right 3DNow! technology you will be able to enjoy your 3D Blu-ray movies also with PowerDVD.

Its new TrueTheater Color and Sound features will analyze your movies and media files and will make the most of your system’s video and audio capabilities. It can now play DVD ISO files directly, and has greatly improved its H.265 and H.264 hardware acceleration to provide a flawless playback of these codecs. New audio enhancements have also been introduced, paying special attention to the playback of lossless formats (such as ALAC and FLAC) and to the optimization of the sampling rates for a better audio experience. I won’t list here all the improvements of this new edition of CyberLink PowerDVD as they are far too many, but you can always download the trial version of the program and check them out for yourself. You will surely find it worth trying. Windows 10 does not natively support DVD or Blu-ray playback. PowerDVD has you covered.


  • Enhanced audio and video playback functionality.
  • Plays back all your media files.
  • Creates on-the-fly slideshows of your photo collections.
  • Browses and plays YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Full 3D support.
  • Connects to your CyberLink Cloud account.
  • Fully customizable playback functions.


  • None.

What's new in version 15.0

TrueTheater® Color —intelligently analyzes video footage and optimizes hues and vibrancy, creating a true-to-life viewing experience.

TrueTheater® Sound —applies smart enhancements to four key areas simultaneously in order to create a richer, fuller audio environment:
- Bass boosting for effective recreation of that “cinema sound”
- Vocal range amplification, making speech crisper and more audible
- Reverb engagement to create a virtual surround sound effect
- Volume amplification to boost audio performance in environments with high levels of ambient noise such as aircrafts, trains, cars, offices, etc.

WASAPI—Exclusive Audio Environment
Typically found only in very high-end audio applications, Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) manages the flow of lossless audio data (ALAC and FLAC, for example) between software and speakers.

A True Lossless Experience
Being able to assign the speakers exclusively to the audio playback of selected media also allows PowerDVD to provide optimum sampling rates for audio.

Rip Audio Clips from Movies
PowerDVD’s new “Video Scene Selector” feature enables the viewer to set “in” and “out” points at any section of a video file, so that a favorite scene can be quickly revisited. Additionally, users can rip an audio track from the selected section in any video file, allowing specific songs or entire soundtracks to be saved as AAC or MP3 files.

Broadest range of Format Support

Blu-ray and DVD ISO Playback
PowerDVD 15 now offers convenient direct playback of Blu-ray and DVD ISO files, either directly from the PC or via a network-connected drive. No additional mounting tools are required.

H.265 and H.264 Hardware Acceleration
New hardware acceleration support for Intel Haswell and NVIDIA Kepler processors enables flawless playback of all H.265 video files, without stutter and lag issues.

Player Personalization

Getting the Right Look & Feel
PowerDVD can be easily customized to meet specific needs. Media panel tabs can be hidden in order to streamline the interface. The interface can be further personalized with custom wallpapers.

PowerDVD Remembers Where You Left Off
PowerDVD helps users to save time and eliminate frustration by automatically restarting a show from the point it was

Smooth Playback of High Frame Rate Video

Smart Decoding & Rendering Technology
PowerDVD 15 introduces an intelligent playback algorithm designed specifically for this purpose. PowerDVD will analyze the refresh rate of the monitor the footage is to be played on, then intelligently decode and render only those portions of the source clip that can be handled by the monitor.

Enhanced 4K Playback

Overlay Mode—A Complete 4K Experience
Overlay rendering in PowerDVD offers a method of rendering video images to a monitor using a dedicated memory buffer inside hardware.

Battery Life Optimization
Both PowerDVD and its mobile companion app, Power Media Player, have been designed from the ground up to extend useful battery life well beyond what other players can offer.

Hardware Support Reduces Power Consumption
By incorporating the latest Intel® Clear Video HD, NVIDIA® PureVideo® and AMD UVD hardware decoding technologies into PowerDVD, CyberLink maximizes available CPU and GPU power to improve the performance of resource-intensive tasks such as video decoding/rendering, and to deliver a significantly better user experience.

Better YouTube and Vimeo Videos
Online video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are still growing in popularity. PowerDVD lets users enjoy online videos directly in the player. Using PowerDVD to watch online video has several key advantages:
- Improved viewing experience through TrueTheater® enhancements. Upscale videos to HD, improve the lighting and color, amplify the audio, and even watch in 3D
- Added functionality that YouTube and Vimeo sites lack, such as fast-forward and slow motion
- Pin (download) any YouTube video for offline viewing
- Rip audio from any YouTube video and save it as an MP3 or WAV file

Faster Startup

Express Entertainment
Instant Play is the name given to a set of start-up refinements based on data gleaned from PowerDVD’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). Usage data from participants is analyzed to determine which features and settings are most popular and which are less used. Features that are non-essential to users can be bypassed at startup to reduce loading times. Instant Play also integrates BD-Live bypass technology to remove Blu-ray previews when not needed, as well as express loading for specific start-up pathways, e.g. launching a video by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.

Publisher's description

PowerDVD is a comprehensive media solution providing the ability to enjoy virtually any type of digital media. Unrivaled in the media player market, PowerDVD brings users industry-leading Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD playback, while also offering superior playback performance for movie and video files.

With support for all media types including video, audio and photographic content, PowerDVD serves as an all-purpose entertainment station. It allows users to enjoy media on PC, mobile devices, home networks, and from the cloud, and even social networks. PowerDVD 15 brings a welcome set of new features that comprehensively improve a wide range of digital media experiences. These consist of enhanced audio-visual quality, support for more disc and file formats, a media library, improved functionality, and improvements to the user interface.